Online Conference Progress Manure Digestate Treatment

Last October 2020, a conference about manure and digestate treatment and application was held with a live audience of 90 individuals, obviously under strict health protocols, and other 40 individuals participating online. It was a success but only for those that understand the German language.
This time, from January 25 to 27 of 2021, the conference will be held virtually and in English. The event consists of 3 half-day sessions in consideration of the time-zones of the participants.
It will tackle the same topics with additions on the possible upgrading of treatment systems and adaptation of new business models. Make sure to…

Clean Power Alliance Approves First Solar Storage Project In Its Territory

Clean Power Alliance, or CPA, one of the providers of retail energy, announces their first project on renewable energy. Its board approves a new solar energy system, named ‘the Estrella project’, to be constructed within its territory.
It will be built by the company sPower with hopes that the project can bring 56 megawatts of power, along with a storage capacity of 28 megawatts per 112 megawatts-hour, in the Antelope Valley of the Los Angeles County.
The project is set to produce electricity within its 15-year PPA and is expected to provide jobs to hundreds of people. CPA is now soliciting offers on their new quest for …

‘Renewables Are Immune To COVID’ According to the IEA Chief

A lot of industries have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of which is the energy sector. With fewer cars and airplanes traveling for most of the year, fossil fuel producers have taken a great hit. However, the whole Covid-19 pandemic did not overwhelm the renewable energy sector.
According to Fatih Birol of the International Energy Agency, or IEA, the pandemic even brought further improvements for renewables. Around 90 percent of the world’s energy growth is attributed to the expansion of solar PV, wind, and hydropower.
India installed a total of 15 gigawatts capacity of wind and solar systems during the first …

Transmission for Renewables Shall Be A Clear Winner In Biden White House

Under the future Biden administration, we should expect more government efforts towards improving the country’s transmission infrastructure. Since building transmission lines is no easy feat, it will take a lot of expertise and funding, as well as policy-making, for it to be successfully implemented.
The regional transmission has long been promoted by the New England states. Their experiences in planning and implementation alone can tower over the capabilities of other states.
With regional transmission planning, more jobs can be generated within a region which will lead to reduced dependence on natural gas.
One …

The UK To Be 100% Powered by Renewables

During the victory of Conservative party’s Boris Johnson for the seat of Prime Minister last December 2019, the renewable energy sector had many worries for the nation’s possible steps for the future.
For the last decade, the Conservatives have been discouraging the idea of progress through renewables to give more support to their oil-producing connections.
Surprisingly, from election time to now, plenty of changes have been seen wherein it can make the UK a future leader in the energy sector. Johnson and his men have laid out ambitious plans that even the renewables sector is in shock. Here are some of the plans the …