3 Best Weather Review Games for Middle School

Incorporating science review games focused on meteorology into your classroom can be an engaging and effective way to reinforce students’ understanding of weather patterns, atmospheric conditions, and the science behind meteorological phenomena. These games not only enhance learning but also make the review process interactive and enjoyable for students. By integrating playful elements into your teaching strategy, you can help students solidify their knowledge and apply what they’ve learned in a practical, memorable manner. Below, we outline a few …

Future of Renewables

With the whole world almost on the brink of an economic reset, there is a great urgency to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.
There should be a stronger vision for a greener world with renewable energy as the central focus. As the governments of the world are adjusting their plans, the energy sector emerges ready to accept the new-found challenges.
In this coming December 8 to 9, the ‘Future of Renewables’ virtual event will be held and aims to gather policy-makers and energy sector leaders in tackling urgent topics of today. If you are interested in taking part in the digital conference, make sure to click on …

Africa PPP

On December 1 to 2, Africa PPP’s annual conference is back for its 12th edition. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the event this time will be held in a virtual environment.
With AME Trade Ltd as the conference’s organizer, this year’s theme will be “Partnering on public infrastructure projects for sustainable development and economic growth.”
Here are the topics that will be discussed during the 2-day conference:

The virtual connection among investors, project owners, and developers
Presentation of beneficial projects on sectors of priority infrastructure
Live presentations …

Online Conference Progress Manure Digestate Treatment

Last October 2020, a conference about manure and digestate treatment and application was held with a live audience of 90 individuals, obviously under strict health protocols, and other 40 individuals participating online. It was a success but only for those that understand the German language.
From January 25 to 27 of 2021, the conference will be held virtually and in English. The event consists of 3 half-day sessions in consideration of the time zones of the participants.
It will tackle the same topics with additions on the possible upgrading of treatment systems and adaptation of new business models. Make sure to click on …