The Energy Technology Data Exchange, ETDE, was a multilateral energy information exchange initiative under the International Energy Agency (IEA) framework for 27+ years (1987-2014).  The formal ETDE program end date: 30 June 2014.  ETDE's vast collection of energy-related information had been available through the ETDE World Energy Base or ETDEWEB.  ETDEWEB's content remains freely available to users, thanks to continued support from some of ETDE's former member countries.  Since the ending date, access has been accomplished via having ETDEWEB being one of the resources searched in the federated search system called WorldWideEnergy. org.  WorldWideEnergy not only has ETDEWEB content, but much more energy-related content, plus cross-lingual searching.  Beginning in 2018, a direct search interface for the non-US content of ETDEWEB has been added by DOE/OSTI.  See