5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Tidal Renewable Systems

Tidal renewable energy is energy gotten from ocean tides and currents. This eco-friendly technology is slowly gaining ground as a better form of renewable energy, compared to other types. It uses currents to drive installed turbines, to produce electricity. Water experts promote this way of producing energy that doesn’t pollute the environment.
If you don’t quite know yet, how tidal energy works, take a look at this explainer video below before we will get into details of the pros and cons.

Start-Up Bets on New Model For Putting Electric School Buses On The Road

The city of Beverly is excited to receive its first electric school bus from a startup company in Massachusetts. It will be it’s fourth overall, with the first three buses as products of the state-funded projects from 2016 to 2017.
The recent project, one of the possibly many more to come, is a product of the collaboration of Beverly City and Highland Electric Transportation, which is founded by Duncan McIntyre, who is a veteran in the renewable energy sector.
The city’s project is part of the long-term solution to the ongoing polluted air emission in Massachusetts, with the transportation sector contributing 45 …

Longstanding Renewable Energy Agencies, The Solar Foundation and IREC, To Combine

There is a great change in the renewable energy sector that not only quickly promotes the adoption of clean energy but also the business opportunities that tag along. As of today, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, or IREC, and The Solar Foundation have agreed to merge into one non-profit function.
The Solar Foundation is a leading organization that focuses on creating rapid developments for solar energy technologies. IREC, on the other hand, is a group of clean energy proponents that tackles regulation, employment, and other economic aspects. With the two now merged, the expertise, personnel, and influence have increased at …

Green Hydrogen, Holy Grail for Long-Term Energy Storage, Getting Supermajors’ Attention

With Joe Biden as the new leader of the United States, the future of the renewable energy sector suddenly brightens up with the plan of rejoining the country to the Paris Climate Agreement. Even though most of the sector is focusing on solar PV and wind farm projects, the said rejoining can be an opportunity to restart the once set-aside project that has great potential– hydrogen fuel.
Basic science presents that solar and wind energy systems are at the mercy of nature’s actions, and there is a worry about having a void in supply periods. That is where the power electrolyzers play a major part in splitting water molecules into …