How Wind Turbines Are Changing the Way We Produce Electricity

Wind turbines are becoming an increasingly popular way to produce electricity and for good reason. They are a clean and efficient source of energy that can be used to power homes, businesses, and vehicles. In addition, wind turbines are a renewable source of energy, which means they do not contribute to climate change or air pollution.
How Does Wind Energy Work
Wind turbines are machines that use the wind to create electricity. The wind turns the blades on the turbine, which then spins a shaft that is connected to a generator. The generator creates electricity as it spins. This electricity goes through wires to your house …

Wind Power STEM Challenge – A Simple Renewable Energy Project

STEM toys and STEM science challenges are significant in sparking children’s curiosity about science and helping them develop problem-solving skills. Some STEM activities and toys focus on coding, while others focus on engineering, chemistry, and renewable energy.
A wind power STEM challenge is a renewable energy project for students to learn about how humans lived without a supply of electricity. In this science project, students can make a simple wind turbine to learn about renewable energy.
There are different ways …

With Constellation as Offtaker, the 130-MW Bitter Ridge Wind Farm Is Complete

The 130-megawatt Bitter Ridge Wind Farm, built in Jay County, Indiana, has been recently completed. The said wind system is spearheaded by Scout Clean Energy, a Colorado-based developer, operator, and owner of renewable energy systems. The tax equity funding for the wind farm is also closed.
The development began in 2016, and the establishment of the necessary infrastructure started in August 2019. The wind turbines used could generate 2.82 megawatts each.
The 15-year PPA had been dealt with Constellation, an Exelon company, to purchase 80 percent of the generated output.
Mortenson Construction, responsible for the on-…

Offshore Wind Projects Global Pipeline Climbs by Nearly 50% This Year

The UK has experienced massive growth in terms of offshore wind projects. Since January, the total pipeline has grown by 47 percent even amid a pandemic. From projects in the planning stage to systems that are currently operational, the total capacity is now at 197.4 gigawatts from the 134.7-gigawatt capacity last January.
Half of the total pipeline is in European countries (around 50 percent or 99.6 gigawatts). Here is a list of countries and their respective contributions to the global offshore wind projects.

UK = 41.3 gigawatts; 12% growth
China = 26.1 gigawatts; 80% growth
USA = 17.8 gigawatts; 10…

Transmission for Renewables Shall Be A Clear Winner In Biden White House

Under the future Biden administration, we should expect more government efforts towards improving the country’s transmission infrastructure. Since building transmission lines is no easy feat, it will take a lot of expertise and funding, and policy-making for it to be successfully implemented.
The New England states have long promoted regional transmission. Their experiences in planning and implementation alone can tower over the capabilities of other states.
With regional transmission planning, more jobs can be generated within a region, leading to reduced dependence on natural gas.
One of the most difficult …