solar light working in shade

Solar Lights – Do They Work in the Shade?

It is a great way to generate environment-friendly and efficient power. Solar panels are usually used as a security light on your home or illuminate your pathway. However, it is possible that the most practical location is not one that receives direct sunlight but rather one shaded by a tree or attached to a building.
Some reviews say solar lights are not working in shaded areas. But others are using it without issues, even in shady places. In this post, you will find out if solar lights work in shaded areas or not.
Solar lights …

How Wind Turbines Are Changing the Way We Produce Electricity

Wind turbines are becoming an increasingly popular way to produce electricity and for good reason. They are a clean and efficient source of energy that can be used to power homes, businesses, and vehicles. In addition, wind turbines are a renewable source of energy, which means they do not contribute to climate change or air pollution.
How Does Wind Energy Work
Wind turbines are machines that use the wind to create electricity. The wind turns the blades on the turbine, which then spins a shaft that is connected to a generator. The generator creates electricity as it spins. This electricity goes through wires to your house …

Things to Know About Replacing Your Solar Garden Lighting Batteries

Spring is usually the season where homeowners ensure that everything in their home, including outdoor areas such as the patio and garden, are ready for the summer season. Another thing to check in preparation for the summer is your garden solar lights. Usually, one or a couple of them no longer function as they should.
On the other hand, you can find the problem and get a replacement for the batteries. Fortunately, this article will be discussing recommended rechargeable batteries for your solar lights and helpful tips …

Wind Power STEM Challenge – A Simple Renewable Energy Project

STEM toys and STEM science challenges are significant in sparking children’s curiosity about science and helping them develop problem-solving skills. Some STEM activities and toys focus on coding, while others focus on engineering, chemistry, and renewable energy.
A wind power STEM challenge is a renewable energy project for students to learn about how humans lived without a supply of electricity. In this science project, students can make a simple wind turbine to learn about renewable energy.
There are different ways …

Common Reasons for Faulty Solar Lights and How to Fix Them

Solar lights powered by the sun’s energy are quickly becoming a preferred option for most property owners. However, even the best solar lights can stop working or completely malfunction.
Common Reasons for Faulty Solar Lights
Insufficient Sunlight
Sunlight is the ultimate power source of all solar-powered electronics. If your solar lights are not producing enough light or have stopped working, the very first thing you should look into is their position.
Is your solar light placed and positioned in an area or angle where …

First Solar Claims its CuRe Panels Have the Lowest Degradation Rates

First Solar, which manufactures the Cadmium Tellurium CuRe Series 6 photo-voltaic (PV) panels, claims that these panels have the lowest degradation rates in the PV industry. According to First Solar, at the end of the 30-year warranty period, their Series 6 CuRe will still function at 92% efficiency. However, these claims have not been verified by an independent entity as yet.
According to First Solar, they have managed to do this due to their Copper Replacement (CuRe) technology in the new panels. Using this technology, the panel maker could replace copper (Cu) with elements from the fifth …

Which Type of Solar Radiation Is the Most Powerful?

What Is Solar Radiation?
The world can’t function without solar radiation. Although this fact is true, many people don’t know what solar radiation is. Also, many people don’t know what solar radiation does. Many people don’t know why solar radiation is so important to not only our daily lives but to planet Earth as a whole.
Solar radiation might be a term that you are unfamiliar with, or so you think. Solar radiation is also commonly referred to as solar resources or even sunlight. Yes, walk out on a cloudless day, and you are exposed to solar radiation. Look at an image drawn by a kid of a happy …

Future of Renewables

With the whole world almost on the brink of an economic reset, there is a great urgency to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.
There should be a stronger vision for a greener world with renewable energy as the central focus. As the governments of the world are adjusting their plans, the energy sector emerges ready to accept the new-found challenges.
In this coming December 8 to 9, the ‘Future of Renewables’ virtual event will be held and aims to gather policy-makers and energy sector leaders in tackling urgent topics of today. If you are interested in taking part in the digital conference, make sure to click on …

Africa PPP

On December 1 to 2, Africa PPP’s annual conference is back for its 12th edition. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, the event this time will be held in a virtual environment.
With AME Trade Ltd as the conference’s organizer, this year’s theme will be “Partnering on public infrastructure projects for sustainable development and economic growth.”
Here are the topics that will be discussed during the 2-day conference:

The virtual connection among investors, project owners, and developers
Presentation of beneficial projects on sectors of priority infrastructure
Live presentations …

Start-Up Bets on New Model For Putting Electric School Buses On The Road

The city of Beverly is excited to receive its first electric school bus from a startup company in Massachusetts. It will be it’s fourth overall, with the first three buses as products of the state-funded projects from 2016 to 2017.
The recent project, one of the possibly many more to come, is a product of the collaboration of Beverly City and Highland Electric Transportation, which is founded by Duncan McIntyre, who is a veteran in the renewable energy sector.
The city’s project is part of the long-term solution to the ongoing polluted air emission in Massachusetts, with the transportation sector contributing 45 …