Things to Know About Replacing Your Solar Garden Lighting Batteries

Spring is usually the season where homeowners ensure that everything in their home, including outdoor areas such as the patio and garden, are ready for the summer season. Another thing to check in preparation for the summer is your garden solar lights. Usually, one or a couple of them no longer function as they should.

On the other hand, you can find the problem and get a replacement for the batteries. Fortunately, this article will be discussing recommended rechargeable batteries for your solar lights and helpful tips that will help you tackle these faulty lights.

Carry Out a Full Check First

Before arriving at a conclusion, you must inspect every part of your garden solar lighting to know which part is faulty. For example, it can be the fault of your solar panel if you find it coated with dirt. That will prevent it from getting sunlight. If that’s the case, all you have to do is wipe the panel clean and adjust the position to ensure it’s receiving enough sunlight.

If all components have been checked, it’s safe to assume that the fault is from the batteries. To confirm this, open the battery compartment and check for broken wires, water damage, or rust. Once confirmed, you have to get a suitable replacement.

Why Should You Replace Solar Garden Light Batteries?

The most common reason your solar lights stop functioning is usually the rechargeable batteries being worn out. Rechargeable batteries are ideal for solar lighting because the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity to power the batteries, powering the light bulbs. Unfortunately, many people have no idea that there are even things such as rechargeable solar lighting batteries.

How Often Should You Replace the Batteries?

The ideal period should be annually or bi-yearly. Virtually all the garden solar lighting on the market have low-capacity rechargeable batteries. Soon though, solar lighting will be using 1.2V Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH) in place of NiCd batteries.

What are the Recommended Replacement Batteries for Garden Solar Lighting?

rechargeable aa batteries for solar lightOne should never forget to replace the old batteries in the compartment with new ones with identical capacity and voltage. For instance, if your solar lighting uses NiMH 1.2V 600Ah AA batteries, replace them with fresh batteries with that exact specification.

The capacity (mAh) of your old batteries should guide what you should replace them with. They’re usually displayed on the body of the batteries. Alternatively, you can replace these batteries with fresh ones with slightly different capacities but with an identical voltage.

Recommended variants are batteries with the closest mAh rating. It’s not advisable to replace your old batteries with fresh ones that have a much higher capacity.

Which Batteries Should Be Used for Solar Garden Lighting?

1.2V NiMH and NiCd batteries come in various capacities and sizes. However, the popular sizes are AA and full-size AAA batteries.

The size most commonly used is AA. AA batteries measure 50.5mm in height compared to full-size AAA’s 44.5mm and 14.5mm in diameter compared to AAA’s 10.5mm.

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