Clean Power Alliance Approves First Solar Storage Project In Its Territory

Clean Power Alliance, or CPA, one of the retail energy providers, announces their first project on renewable energy. Its board approves a new solar energy system, named ‘the Estrella project,’ to construct its territory.

It will be built by the company sPower with hopes that the project can bring 56 megawatts of power, along with a storage capacity of 28 megawatts per 112 megawatts-hour, in the Antelope Valley of the Los Angeles County.

The project is set to produce electricity within its 15-year PPA and is expected to provide jobs to hundreds of people. CPA is now soliciting offers on their new quest for the renewable energy market. Ted Bardacke, the executive director of CPA, encourages investors to put money towards the local development of renewable energy systems.

He also adds that the project like Estrella can promote employment and give a boost to the economy. Trupti Kalbag, the director of sPower’s Power Marketing, says that their company is excited to work with CPA in adding value to the community. Their latest project can add to the growing portfolio of sPower.

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