The UK To Be 100% Powered by Renewables

During the victory of Conservative party Boris Johnson for the seat of Prime Minister last December 2019, the renewable energy sector had many worries for the nation’s possible steps for the future.

For the last decade, the Conservatives have been discouraging the idea of progress through renewables to give more support to their oil-producing connections.

Surprisingly, from election time to now, plenty of changes have been seen to make the UK a future leader in the energy sector. Johnson and his men have laid out ambitious plans that even the renewables sector is in shock. Here are some of the plans the Tories supported:

  • Deadline for removal of fossil-fuel dependent cars from street moved to 2035
  • Zero-carbon nation by 2050
  • Wind power to every home by 2030

Billions of investments are planned to create new generation windmills and provide tens of thousands of jobs. The UK is aiming for renewable energy to be cheaper and more available than the fossil fuel industry. Still, many remain skeptical about the sudden change of heart and true motives.

Regardless, there is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to giving anyone a new outlook for sustainability.

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