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Using ETDE's information provides many benefits to users in participating and approved developing countries. The benefits noted on ETDE's main page are also included here:

ETDEWEB versus the World-Wide-Web: A Specific Database/Web Comparison

Another aspect of ETDE's value was demonstrated in an analysis published in 2010 which compared user search results from the specialized scientific database ETDEWEB with search results from the internet search engines Google and Google Scholar. The primary objective of the study was to determine if ETDEWEB continues to bring the user search results that are not being found by these major search engines. Over 40,000 search result records were compared and evaluated from 15 energy-related queries performed on all three systems using identical words/phrases. For the 15 topics in this study, ETDEWEB was shown to bring the user unique results not shown by Google or Google Scholar an average of 86.7% of the time. Observations about the strengths of each system and factors impacting the search results are also shared along with background information and summary tables of the results. If a user knows a very specific title of a document, all three systems are helpful in finding the user a source for the document. But if the user is looking to discover relevant documents on a specific topic, each of the three systems will bring back a considerable volume of data, but quite different in focus. Google is certainly a highly-used and valuable tool to find significant ‘non-specialist’ information, and Google Scholar does help the user focus on scientific disciplines. But if a user’s interest is scientific and energy-specific, ETDEWEB continues to hold a strong position in the energy research, technology and development (RTD) information field and adds considerable value in knowledge discovery. The full study results can be downloaded here. A Spanish translation of the study became available in 2011, thanks to ETDE's Mexico delegation organization, Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas (IIE). Click here to download the Spanish version. A Norwegian version is also available here.

Comments illustrating the value of ETDE's database

See the special anniversary section of ETDE testimonials.

In 2005, ETDE gained recognition in a key European Union study titled “Energy RTD Information Systems in the ERA:”

“ETDEWEB is clearly the information system of reference; many national websites on energy RTD link to ETDEWEB.”
One of the goals highlighted in the Executive Summary called out ETDE specifically:
“Contribute to the EU's overall information infrastructure through partnerships with international organisations and knowledge-management initiatives such as the International Energy Agency's Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE).”
ETDE has also performed user surveys to gain insight into user satisfaction with the database. The most recent surveys have been directed toward ETDEWEB users, who had this to say:
“I find the ETDEWEB database to be reliable, complete, and easy to use. What I like is that it includes materials not easily found through other sources. Bravo for producing such a good product!”

“There's no doubt that ETDEWEB is a very useful energy database. Full-text links to sometimes very obscure original documents is excellent.”

“We use the Energy Database to provide a variety of information services to the Laboratory's administrative and research staffs. Much of the information contained in the database is not available elsewhere or is not as easily retrievable.”

“The database ENERGY is essential for the newly founded Task Forces that aim at exploring new research areas for our Institute.”

“Your service is almost perfect and your database is the most comprehensive of all. This is actually what matters to my research.”

“The Data base was very useful in researching my graduate thesis.”

“The INL is now the DOE lead for nuclear energy research - ETDEWEB is a necessary resource for us.”

“I think ETDEWEB is an important source of research for professionals that work with energy and its issues.”
Other 'testimonials' over the past decade have included:
“It has made it possible for those of us working in the consultants field to point a finger at different issues that local R&D circles should put their focus on, in connection with the expected development in the energy sector...I see the ETDEWEB as a very valuable source of competence development and spread of information...”

“... The contents are also of great use for today's spectrum of activities and fields of work which range from plant construction to solar cell processing. In addition to good timeliness, we estimate in particular the utmost comprehensive coverage of subjects related to energy techniques...”

“... By use of ETDE, time-consuming and expensive literature studies can be reduced. As it is very comprehensive, [the database] comprises a wide range of research activities and applications. This facilitates the investigation of a new research area.”

“...This database is and will be invaluable in maintaining our awareness of the competition and in some cases give us invaluable overseas contacts researching the same science. The Energy Database is a must for any serious energy scientist.”

“For us, [ETDE's Energy Database] has been an indispensable information source for more than ten years in all fields of power plant engineering, waste heat systems, flue gas purification, waste management, hydrological engineering as well as research and development.”
ETDE is eager to learn more from its users about benefits from use of its information and the resulting value. If you have an anecdote to share, please contact the Operating Agent.

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