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Conference Announcement

The Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) -- an implementing agreement of the International Energy Agency (IEA) -- and the Portuguese National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (INETI) held a special one-day international conference, 5 July 2007, titled "Advancing Energy Science and Technology through Multilateral Information Exchange," on the campus of INETI in Lisbon, Portugal.  The conference provided a forum between international leaders in energy science and technology, and information management visionaries on how to optimize opportunities for energy solution breakthroughs. The conference also celebrated ETDE's 20th anniversary and included country-specific perspectives from various ETDE delegates.


Conference Schedule.


Theme 1.  IEA - Energy Research and Technology

Theme 2.  IEA - Information and Communication Initiatives

Theme 3.  EU Initiatives in Energy Information

Theme 4.  Information Services and Users

To view the PowerPoint Presentations from the Conference Click Here.

In addition to the PowerPoint slides, a video of ETDE Chair Brian Hitson's address at the conference is now available for viewing, courtesy of INETI. His talk, "ETDE: A Catalyst for Energy Technology Breakthroughs: Bringing the Researcher Closer to the Research," provides a good overview of ETDE's past, present, and future potential in celebration of ETDE's 20th Anniversary. Videos of the other presenters are included on the DVD.

Conference Highlights

Target Audience

Researchers, policy makers, academians, cybrarians, and more

Conference Leaflet

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Ms. Debbie Cutler
ETDE Operating Agent