Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Inovação, I.P.

PowerPoint Presentations from the Advancing Energy Science and Technology Through Multilateral Information Exchange Conference, 5 July 2007

Theme 1. IEA – Energy Research andTechnology
Energy Technology Actions
- Isabel Cabrita (CERT Vice-Chair, INETI, Portugal)

Theme 2. IEA – Information and Communication Initiatives
End-Use Working Party: the Vision
- Peter Cunz (IEA End-Use Energy Working Party Chair, Switzerland)

ETDE: A Catalyst for Energy Technology Breakthroughs: Bringing the Researcher Closer to Research
- Brian Hitson (ETDE Executive Committee Chair, USA)

Theme 3. EU Initiatives in Energy Information

Intelligent energy in the EU: communication challenges
- Peter Löffler (Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI, European Commission)

DRIVER Initiative (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research)
- Leo Waaijers (DAREnet Program Manager, The Netherlands)
Theme 4. Information Services and Users  

Perspectives of ETDE Member Countries in Serving User Communities (presentations by ETDE ExCo members

The Impact of Open Access on the ETDE Database
- Hillebrand Verkroost (ECN, The Netherlands)

The oxyfuel process or "green" coal - a sample search in databases from STN International
- Silke Rehme (FIZ-Karlsruhe, Germany)

Users in Mexico and Their Perception of the Impact of Information Gathered from ETDEWEB
- Jaime Pontigo (IIE, Mexico)

Knowledge Discovery for U.S. Energy Researchers: the OSTI Mission
- Lorrie Johnson (DOE/OSTI, United States)

Giving More Visibility to Energy Research in Portugal
- Joaquina Barrulas (INETI, Portugal)