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Entities (usually countries) participate in the ETDE international exchange agreement as members. The concept of membership is in the process of evolving. Near the end of 2013, access to ETDE's database, the ETDE World Energy Base or ETDEWEB, was widened to allow global access. To see which entities are members of ETDE (including delegate contact points), see more.

ETDE also collaborates with entities in ways other than membership. Read more about ETDE’s partners.

ETDE is managed by an Operating Agent. Contact details can be found here.

Member delegates may also log into the members’ website below to access reference materials, the meeting paper archives, and other resources.


Click on the country to learn which organization is involved, and who the delegates are. Details about the Operating Agent can be viewed here.


Non-members may now also search ETDEWEB. If your country is not a member country, your interest is certainly also welcomed. Membership responsibilities and benefits are evolving. Please contact the Operating Agent if you are interested in learning how you might support ETDE’s continuation and/or have your information searched by ETDE.

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