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Authentication for access to the ETDE World Energy Base (ETDEWEB) is automatic for many, but not all,  potential users. The system performs verification via a registered IP address, or by valid country (provided the country is among those on ETDE's membership or developing country lists and allows this type of access). Eligible users who are not automatically authenticated may sign up for an individual user account. This requires filling out a registration form and setting up a userid and password (see the registration page). Please note that the individual registration approval process is NOT automatic, and your request will go into a review queue.

Authenticated users (and individual users) may wish to have database alerts established. An alert is a way that users can be automatically notified when new records enter the database that match a subject area that they are interested in. For authenticated users, a more simple email-based registration is available. Click here to register for this type of an account.

Individual users are welcome use the logon box here.

Authenticated users who wish to register/set up a new alert may use the logon box here.

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