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As a programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA), ETDE offers membership to countries and/or entities wishing to participate in a reciprocal exchange of scientific and technical energy research and technology information. Please note that the concept of membership in ETDE is evolving, as are the rights and obligation details. Entities interested in membership should continue to check the website periodically or contact ETDE to express interest in supporting the agreement. ETDE currently has 12 members.

The new IEA Framework for International Technology Co-operation, implemented in 2003, provides guidelines for Implementing Agreements to follow. Eligibility for signing on to agreements has been broadened. Instead of only permitting governments to be involved, the guidelines are more flexible, now defining the following types of organizations as being eligible:

Membership in ETDE is open to any of these entities in countries around the world, subject to the approval of ETDE’s Executive Committee and the IEA in special cases where the country has never been part of an IEA agreement previously. Recognizing that expanding membership increases the value of the database and provides benefits for all involved, ETDE encourages and heartily welcomes new members.

Membership involves both cost-sharing and task-sharing. For cost-sharing, each country contributes to the general operating budget. The annual contribution expected has two components: a base amount and an additional contribution amount based on the country’s research and development expenditures at the time of joining. The ETDE Operating Agent can answer questions related to this calculation. [The IEA Energy Technology R&D Statistics Service provides data on IEA member countries' budgets]. The task-sharing component primarily involves having each member provide database input from their country for the database.


The main steps in the membership process are:

If an entity is seriously interested in membership, an invitation to observe a meeting of the ETDE Executive Committee may be extended, and/or a trial period of database access permitted. Once all details of membership (membership contribution level, amount of database input, etc.) are settled to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee, a formal invitation will be extended by the Executive Committee for the country/entity to participate in the Implementing Agreement. If you would like to learn more about membership in ETDE, please feel free to contact the ETDE Operating Agent to begin a dialogue.



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