The formal information exchange known as ETDE, or the Energy Technology Data Exchange, officially ended 30 June 2014, after 27+ years. The information collected over ETDE's many years of cooperation had been available on the web since 1990 in what was called ETDE's World Energy Base or ETDEWEB. With well over a 5 million citations and 500,000 full text documents on site, ETDEWEB was well-known as the largest single database for finding energy-related research results. While ETDEWEB had remained accessible on the web as a searchable database through early 2015, the ETDEWEB search interface is no longer available. Thanks to several of the countries that had been active in the ETDE cooperation, access to ETDEWEB content is still possible. Access can still be achieved using a new system called WorldWideEnergy (WWE).

As the ETDE cooperation was ending, a beta system using a new model for information collection was developed. The WWE model broadens the type of information content possible, improves timeliness of information awareness, and offers multi-language search options. Over 1000 websites and databases are being searched, with some sites also being portals of their own. Users can limit searches to a particular resource, such as only the ETDEWEB content, or use the default mode to search all available resources. Translation options have been implemented for 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and Swedish. WorldWideEnergy is managed by DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information in cooperation with Germany and Sweden. Interest from additional countries is welcomed, as it can lead to additional resources being searched and additional languages for searching offered.