The Energy Technology Data Exchange, also known as ETDE, functions within a framework created by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Views, findings and publications of ETDE do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the IEA Secretariat or of all its individual member countries. ETDEWEB is made available by ETDE. Neither IEA, ETDE, nor the governments of the participating member countries, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by IEA, ETDE, or its member countries. The views and opinions of originators expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the IEA, ETDE, or member country governments.

In order to protect this system from unauthorized use and to ensure that it is functioning properly, activities on this system may be monitored, recorded, and subject to audit. In addition, data is collected to show overall use of the system for statistical purposes. Use of this system constitutes expressed consent to such monitoring and recording.

ETDEWEB complies with Year 2000 requirements. ETDE assumes no responsibility for subsequent data manipulation performed on information retrieved from ETDEWEB.

Specific ETDE policies regarding the subsequent use of database information are as follows.

Re-Use of Information from ETDEWEB

Search results, including bibliographic information and abstracts, may be used and shared within the users' organization in either printed or electronic form, typically for use in creating a reference list or doing sharing information of interest. The ETDE World Energy Base should be credited as the source of the records.

A large volume of database records shall not be downloaded for personal or company use. ETDEWEB records should not be loaded into systems and re-used for private business profit. A small number of records may be used for not-for-profit analysis, with ETDE's permission.

Scientific reports in printed or electronic form which include a list of bibliographic references gleaned from searching the database have no distribution restrictions, but should always credit ETDE as the source of the bibliographic material, based on a search of the ETDE World Energy Base.

Search results which show only very brief bibliographic information similar to citations mentioned in scientific reports and that represent only a small number of records (always just a fraction of what is relevant on a given subject), may be shared as long as the ETDE World Energy Base is credited as the source for the full bibliographic information.

Full Text Distribution

Full text sharing is permitted, but on a per-report basis. Sharing should follow fair use policies and be on a non-commercial basis.