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Welcome to ETDE World Energy Base (ETDEWEB) where you can search and explore the growing collection of over 5,357,000 literature references and more than 559,000 full text documents not typically available through conventional sources (over 1 million pages)! ETDEWEB includes information on energy R&D; energy policy and planning; basic sciences (e.g., physics, chemistry and biomedical) and materials research; the environmental impact of energy production and use, including climate change; energy conservation; nuclear (e.g., reactors, isotopes, waste management); coal and fossil fuels; renewable energy technologies (e.g., solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro) and much, much more. In addition to information from member countries, ETDEWEB contains worldwide information in the nuclear, coal, and global climate change areas. To try some pre-prepared searches once authenticated or logged in, see ETDEWEB's Popular Topics.

Access to additional full text documents is provided with more than 1,947,000 DOI links and other availability links. Full-text or DOI access is predominately available for most new information and is increasingly available for historic information as well. ETDEWEB is produced by the member countries of the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE), an international agreement under the International Energy Agency (IEA). See the About ETDE link to learn more about this multilateral co-operation. ETDEWEB includes information that ETDE has exchanged since 1987, plus information back to 1974 from US DOE/OSTI's Energy Citations Database. More about contents and sources.