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An important series of documents available to interested users relate to two value-added components which enhance more precise searching capability of ETDE's information over and above the typical Internet search. While designed more specifically for those who prepare and process records for ETDE's Energy Database, these publications are also valuable search tools for users of the database who become familiar with them.

These publications have been prepared jointly with one of ETDE's main partners, the International Nuclear Information System (INIS). While the IAEA is the official 'publisher' of the printed version, ETDE has derivative authority to offer these publications from the ETDE website.

The two publications are:

INIS/ETDE Thesaurus, IAEA-INIS/ETDE-01 (current year/month revision designation)
The thesaurus has a hierarchical structure which helps define a controlled vocabulary and relationships for terms used to describe records in ETDE's Energy Database. Using thesaurus descriptors can enhance retrieval efficiency and ensure that searchers locate more precise information needed. 

Due to the size of the publication (two printed volumes) and high printing/distribution costs, printing an official paper version of the full thesaurus has ceased. However, the full INIS/ETDE thesaurus will continue to be available electronically in PDF (portable document format). The current schedule calls for updates to the full thesaurus on a regular basis. In addition, two supplemental publications are also available. One supplement covers the additions/deletions for just the previous month while the second supplement represents cumulative additions/deletions for the most recent 6-month period. Both supplements are produced on a monthly basis.

Subject Categories and Scope Descriptions, (INIS/ETDE), ETDE/INIS-02 (Rev.1) 
Subject categories and their corresponding code numbers are listed. An extensive list of keywords and phrases assist searchers in extracting and organizing subsets on specific energy topics.

As with the thesaurus, the subject categories publication has also evolved. The most current version of the publication is now available in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) format, which allows easy navigation and hyper linking. While in the file, users can toggle between viewing the ETDE subject category descriptions, or the INIS descriptions (see the upper right area on the pages for this option; viewing the index may also be toggled in the upper left area). 

Also available for reference is an older draft version in PDF which includes several historical tables that members have found useful, including a cross-reference table to the older category scheme. To accommodate members who wish to be able to print a version of the current category descriptions, a very basic PDF of the HTML pages has been created, using the ETDE category descriptions view. A version with a more print-friendly format may be considered in the future.

To view and print the PDF files, you will need the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Full Publications

INIS/ETDE Thesaurus, IAEA-INIS/ETDE-01 (2013/08)
Added August 2013
PDF (7.09 MB)

Subject Categories and Scope Descriptions, (INIS/ETDE) 
Current version in HTML (includes toggles for showing indexes and switching between ETDE and INIS descriptions) 
Added October 2010

Current basic version in PDF (includes ETDE descriptions and the index at the end) (293 KB)

Older draft version, including historical cross-reference tables Added April 2001 PDF (272 KB)


INIS/ETDE Thesaurus Monthly Supplement 

Added October 2017 (terms added/deleted in previous monthly only)
PDF (143 KB)

INIS/ETDE Thesaurus Cumulative Supplement

Added October 2017(Cumulative terms added/deleted during most recent 6 months)
PDF (167 KB)

ETDE has other reference materials available for members that provide input into the database. These are available either from the Operating Agent and/or the ETDE Member's site

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