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ETDE's Energy Database is the largest collection of energy research and technology literature in the world. With a growing total of over 4.5 million abstracted and indexed records in the full collection, users have access to a wealth of information contributed by ETDE's member countries and international partners. While ETDE began the database in 1987, historical energy-related information from the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information databases is also included, adding coverage back to 1974.

ETDE's database information can be accessed through a number of different systems. The principal system directly available from the ETDE site is ETDEWEB. For a description and/or links to all the various systems, see the Access Points section.

The database is updated with new information regularly, with the Operating Agent producing update files twice a month. Information comes in from various sources, including directly from members and from various international partners. See the Information Sources section for more about how the database is built.

The database contains bibliographic references to and abstracts of journal articles, reports, conference papers, books, websites, and other miscellaneous document types. A link to where the full text can be obtained is also provided within the records when at all possible. More information about full text access is described in the Full-Text Literature section. The subject areas covered in the database are quite extensive. Some of the main areas include information on energy R&D; energy policy and planning; basic sciences (e.g., physics, chemistry and biomedical) and materials research; the environmental impact of energy production and use, including climate change; energy conservation; nuclear (e.g., reactors, isotopes, waste management); coal and fossil fuels; renewable energy technologies (e.g., solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro) and much, much more. For more details, including a look at content in various areas over the past five years, see the Subject Contents section, or Topic Page Index.

In addition to the energy research and technology information from member countries, the database contains citations published worldwide regarding nuclear, coal, and global climate change information. This broader coverage comes through cooperation with other international organizations. Users of ETDE's Energy Database are as diverse as the topics covered: scientists/researchers, engineers, policymakers, information specialists, librarians, industry leaders and university faculty/students.

Searching the database is made more productive by the use of standardized subject categories and a subject thesaurus. See the Reference Aids section for copies of these publications. Searching tips and sample records are available.

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