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ETDE's Energy Database is available to anyone in an ETDE member country, and since 2004, to many developing countries. This benefit leads to invaluable opportunities for those in commercial and academic settings, as well as for those in government organizations. Any individual, organization, library, or institution in an ETDE member country or approved developing country is eligible to access ETDE's database.

ETDE's information is available via ETDE's own Internet product, ETDEWEB, through commercial online hosts/CD-ROM product, and through some country products. Each of these products offers advantages to the user. The representatives from each ETDE member country can provide information about the best access options for those in that country. Most approved developing countries use the free access to ETDEWEB, but other options are also possible.

To view more information about the commercial host products see Dialog and STN International.

In addition to these products, member organizations can provide other services within their national borders. They are tailored to meet the specialized needs of their researchers, policymakers, and other customers. Such services include selective dissemination of information (SDI) programs, in-house database systems, full-text delivery services, special searching services, and publications containing database abstracts in specific subject areas. For a few of the country-specific database systems, some additional aids for users are available in the native language. Brazil offers the database services at with aids in Portuguese. The Republic of Korea also offers a system, with aids in Korean. The U.S. includes the information in one of its Department of Energy systems called the Science Research Connection available to the DOE community.

The exchange of full-text documents that are not easily available elsewhere is another important aspect of ETDE's information sharing. This non-conventional literature (also known as grey literature) includes documents such as government reports, technical papers, and some conference proceedings. If full text is available from the Operating Agent electronically, these links will be part of the database record in the various products.

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