Longstanding Renewable Energy Agencies, The Solar Foundation and IREC, To Combine

There is a great change in the renewable energy sector that not only quickly promotes the adoption of clean energy but also the business opportunities that tag along. As of today, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, or IREC, and The Solar Foundation have agreed to merge into one non-profit function.

The Solar Foundation is a leading organization that focuses on creating rapid developments for solar energy technologies. IREC, on the other hand, is a group of clean energy proponents that tackles regulation, employment, and other economic aspects. With the two now merged, the expertise, personnel, and influence have increased at least two-fold.

Once the merger is fully finalized, all projects of the two will now be shared. Andrea Luecke of The Solar Foundation willfully steps down from her role and will act as a consultant, paving the way for Larry Sherwood of IREC to lead the whole organization, effective this November.

With such a movement, there are a lot of expectations regarding the fast improvement of renewable energy technologies as well as the corresponding economic and legislative arrangements that it brings forth.

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