Green Hydrogen, Holy Grail for Long-Term Energy Storage, Getting Supermajors’ Attention

With Joe Biden as the new leader of the United States, the future of the renewable energy sector suddenly brightens up with the plan of rejoining the country to the Paris Climate Agreement. Even though most of the sector is focusing on solar PV and wind farm projects, the said rejoining can be an opportunity to restart the once set-aside project that has great potential– hydrogen fuel.

Basic science presents that solar and wind energy systems are at the mercy of nature’s actions, and there is a worry about having a void in supply periods. That is where the power electrolyzers play a major part in splitting water molecules into the beneficial oxygen and the fuel-rich hydrogen, or also known as ‘green hydrogen.’

The existing hydrogen fuel, referred to as ‘blue hydrogen,’ is due to the methods of processing natural gas. Experts agreed that there is a need to develop more systems in harnessing green hydrogen, even if the obstacles can range from giant automobile and fossil-fuel corporations to the political parties inside the progressive countries’ governments.

Fortunately, the world leaders of today, fueled also by the threat of the pandemic, are starting to lean towards the development of all aspects of renewable energy, including green hydrogen.

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