With Constellation as Offtaker, the 130-MW Bitter Ridge Wind Farm Is Complete

The 130-megawatt Bitter Ridge Wind Farm, built in Jay County, Indiana, has been recently completed. The said wind system is spearheaded by Scout Clean Energy, a Colorado-based developer, operator, and owner of renewable energy systems. The tax equity funding for the wind farm is also closed.

The development began in 2016, and the establishment of the necessary infrastructure started in August 2019. The wind turbines used could generate 2.82 megawatts each.

The 15-year PPA had been dealt with Constellation, an Exelon company, to purchase 80 percent of the generated output.

Mortenson Construction, responsible for the on-schedule construction and application of excellent safety practices, entered an agreement with Scout for a fixed-price balance-of-plant construction agreement.

In terms of tax incentives, a 1.56 million-dollar agreement was made with Jay County in which $780,000 was already paid by Scout. The county was estimated to receive tax revenues amounting to at least $18 million over the wind farm’s life span, and half of the amount would directly benefit all of its schools.

Michael Rucker, founder and CEO of Scout Clean Energy expresses his joy over the completed project. Deadlines are met, safety is prioritized, including coronavirus threats, and many people have benefitted from the results.

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