Top Reasons for Faulty Solar Lights and How to Fix Them

Solar lights, which are powered by the sun’s energy, are quickly becoming a preferred option for most property owners. However, even the best solar lights can stop working or completely malfunction.
Common Situations Causing Faulty Solar Lights
Insufficient Sunlight
Sunlight is the ultimate power source of all solar-powered electronics. If your solar lights are not producing enough light or have stopped working, the very first thing you should look into is their position.
Is your solar light placed and positioned in an area …

Which Type of Solar Radiation Is the Most Powerful?

What Is Solar Radiation?
The world can’t function without solar radiation. Although this fact is true, many people don’t know what solar radiation is. Also, many people don’t know what solar radiation does. As well, many people don’t know why solar radiation is so important to not only our daily lives, but for planet Earth as a whole.
Solar radiation might be a term that you are unfamiliar with, or so you think. Solar radiation is also commonly referred to as solar resource or even sunlight. Yes, walk out on a cloudless day and you are exposed to solar radiation. Look at an image drawn by a kid of a …

Biden’s Climate Change Plans Can Quickly Raise The Bar, But Can They Be Transformative?

Now that Joe Biden succeeded in becoming the new president of the United States, one of the challenges that his administration will be facing is the threat of climate change.
Over the past years, there have been numerous wildfires, extreme weather conditions, and rejected plans from the Trump administration. It may be a busy four-year reign with the pandemic being one of the earliest and biggest obstacles. Besides that, there are more plans the administration is looking to implement. One of them is the resumption of cooperation with the Paris Climate Agreement. It might be a verbal promise, but Biden can solidify it by implementing …

Clean Power Alliance Approves First Solar Storage Project In Its Territory

Clean Power Alliance, or CPA, one of the providers of retail energy, announces their first project on renewable energy. Its board approves a new solar energy system, named ‘the Estrella project’, to be constructed within its territory.
It will be built by the company sPower with hopes that the project can bring 56 megawatts of power, along with a storage capacity of 28 megawatts per 112 megawatts-hour, in the Antelope Valley of the Los Angeles County.
The project is set to produce electricity within its 15-year PPA and is expected to provide jobs to hundreds of people. CPA is now soliciting offers on their new quest for …

‘Renewables Are Immune To COVID’ According to the IEA Chief

A lot of industries have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of which is the energy sector. With fewer cars and airplanes traveling for most of the year, fossil fuel producers have taken a great hit. However, the whole Covid-19 pandemic did not overwhelm the renewable energy sector.
According to Fatih Birol of the International Energy Agency, or IEA, the pandemic even brought further improvements for renewables. Around 90 percent of the world’s energy growth is attributed to the expansion of solar PV, wind, and hydropower.
India installed a total of 15 gigawatts capacity of wind and solar systems during the first …

The UK To Be 100% Powered by Renewables

During the victory of Conservative party’s Boris Johnson for the seat of Prime Minister last December 2019, the renewable energy sector had many worries for the nation’s possible steps for the future.
For the last decade, the Conservatives have been discouraging the idea of progress through renewables to give more support to their oil-producing connections.
Surprisingly, from election time to now, plenty of changes have been seen wherein it can make the UK a future leader in the energy sector. Johnson and his men have laid out ambitious plans that even the renewables sector is in shock. Here are some of the plans the …