Transmission for Renewables Shall Be A Clear Winner In Biden White House

Under the future Biden administration, we should expect more government efforts towards improving the country’s transmission infrastructure. Since building transmission lines is no easy feat, it will take a lot of expertise and funding, as well as policy-making, for it to be successfully implemented.

The regional transmission has long been promoted by the New England states. Their experiences in planning and implementation alone can tower over the capabilities of other states.

With regional transmission planning, more jobs can be generated within a region which will lead to reduced dependence on natural gas.

One of the most difficult challenges in transmission infrastructure is the massive costs. Fortunately, there have been government mandates to focus on offshore wind systems.

There are a lot of undertakings that the Biden administration will deal with in terms of developing transmission lines. Aside from formulating more efficient technologies and more effective approaches, there is also the matter of employment which is one of the primary factors that most states are considering before getting on board.


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