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With Constellation as Offtaker, the 130-MW Bitter Ridge Wind Farm Is Complete

The 130-megawatt Bitter Ridge Wind Farm, built in Jay County, Indiana, has been recently completed. The said wind system is spearheaded by Scout Clean Energy, a Colorado-based developer, operator, and owner of renewable energy systems. The tax equity funding for the wind farm is also closed.
The development began in 2016 and the establishment of the necessary infrastructure started in August 2019. The wind turbines used could generate 2.82 megawatts each.
The 15-year PPA had been dealt with Constellation, a company of Exelon, for the purchase of 80 percent of the generated output.
Mortenson Construction, the ones …

Offshore Wind Projects Global Pipeline Climbs by Nearly 50% This Year

The UK has experienced massive growth in terms of offshore wind projects. Since January, the total pipeline has grown by 47 percent even amid a pandemic. The total capacity, from projects in the planning stage to systems that are currently operational, is now at 197.4 gigawatts from the 134.7-gigawatt capacity last January.
Half of the total pipeline is in European countries (around 50 percent or 99.6 gigawatts). Here is a list of countries and their respective contributions to the global offshore wind projects.

UK = 41.3 gigawatts; 12% growth
China = 26.1 gigawatts; 80% growth
USA = 17.8 gigawatts; 10…

Transmission for Renewables Shall Be A Clear Winner In Biden White House

Under the future Biden administration, we should expect more government efforts towards improving the country’s transmission infrastructure. Since building transmission lines is no easy feat, it will take a lot of expertise and funding, as well as policy-making, for it to be successfully implemented.
The regional transmission has long been promoted by the New England states. Their experiences in planning and implementation alone can tower over the capabilities of other states.
With regional transmission planning, more jobs can be generated within a region which will lead to reduced dependence on natural gas.
One …

Energy Storage

Start-Up Bets on New Model For Putting Electric School Buses On The Road
Longstanding Renewable Energy Agencies, The Solar Foundation and IREC, To Combine
Green Hydrogen, Holy Grail for Long-Term Energy Storage, Getting Supermajors’ Attention


Future of Renewables

With the whole world almost on the brink of an economic reset, there is a great urgency to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.
There should be a stronger vision for a greener world with renewable energy as the central focus. As the governments of the world are adjusting their plans, the energy sector emerges ready to accept the new-found challenges.
In this coming December 8 to 9, the ‘Future of Renewables’ virtual event will be held and aims to gather policy-makers and energy sector leaders in tackling urgent topics of today. If you are interested in taking part in the digital conference, make sure to click on …

Africa PPP

On December 1 to 2, Africa PPP’s annual conference is back for its 12th edition. Due to the on-going threat of COVID-19, the event this time will be held in a virtual environment.
With AME Trade Ltd as the conference’s organizer, this year’s theme will be “Partnering on public infrastructure projects for sustainable development and economic growth”.
Here are the topics that will be discussed during the 2-day conference:

The virtual connection among investors, project owners, and developers
Presentation of beneficial projects on sectors of priority infrastructure
Live presentations …

Online Conference Progress Manure Digestate Treatment

Last October 2020, a conference about manure and digestate treatment and application was held with a live audience of 90 individuals, obviously under strict health protocols, and other 40 individuals participating online. It was a success but only for those that understand the German language.
This time, from January 25 to 27 of 2021, the conference will be held virtually and in English. The event consists of 3 half-day sessions in consideration of the time-zones of the participants.
It will tackle the same topics with additions on the possible upgrading of treatment systems and adaptation of new business models. Make sure to…

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Start-Up Bets on New Model For Putting Electric School Buses On The Road

The city of Beverly is excited to receive its first electric school bus from a startup company in Massachusetts. It will be its fourth overall, with the first three buses as products of the state-funded projects from 2016 to 2017.
The recent project, one of the possibly many more to come, is a product of the collaboration of Beverly City and Highland Electric Transportation, which is founded by Duncan McIntyre who is a veteran in the renewable energy sector.
The city’s project is part of the long-term solution to the ongoing polluted air emission in Massachusetts, with the transportation sector contributing 45 percent of it…

Longstanding Renewable Energy Agencies, The Solar Foundation and IREC, To Combine

There is a great change in the renewable energy sector that not only quickly promotes the adoption of clean energy but also the business opportunities that tag along. As of today, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, or IREC, and The Solar Foundation have agreed to merge into one non-profit function.
The Solar Foundation is a leading organization that focuses on creating rapid developments for solar energy technologies. IREC, on the other hand, is a group of clean energy proponents that tackles regulation, employment, and other economic aspects. With the two now merged, the expertise, personnel, and influence have increased at …

Biden’s Climate Change Plans Can Quickly Raise The Bar, But Can They Be Transformative?

Now that Joe Biden succeeded in becoming the new president of the United States, one of the challenges that his administration will be facing is the threat of climate change.
Over the past years, there have been numerous wildfires, extreme weather conditions, and rejected plans from the Trump administration. It may be a busy four-year reign with the pandemic being one of the earliest and biggest obstacles. Besides that, there are more plans the administration is looking to implement. One of them is the resumption of cooperation with the Paris Climate Agreement. It might be a verbal promise, but Biden can solidify it by implementing …